Volume 1, Issue 1         Weddings And Events      

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Let’s Talk Weddings   

Hello Brides & Grooms:

   Welcome to the first issue of Let’s Talk Weddings. A Wedding     is one of the most important and busy times of your life. It is a time when two people have decided to come together as husband and wife. Now the wedding plans, your parents, your family and friends.

  All sorts of ideas are coming into your mind that you both will  have to figure out. Communication will be one of the greatest assets that you two will have. Embrace each other’s true feelings and opinions about your wedding plans.

  There are many types of weddings, you can decide on a small       to a large wedding, indoor or outdoor. But whatever you both decide to do, it should be memorable. Then after twenty-five years of marriage you can look back at your wedding pictures and still feel that great love between the two of you. 

  Take some deep breaths and relax, we are a business that can help you in planning your wedding or event from A to Z.  Now it is time to meet with a wedding coordinator. Make sure to meet with a coordinator you are comfortable with on the first visit.

Weddings Tips

   Wedding/Event Planners have the ability to take an idea and   make it work for you. A seasoned planner works along with the Bride and Groom to turn your dreams into a reality by offering some great ideas and suggestions.  Check out my website and    like me on Facebook.


To all the Brides and Grooms:

 Special points of interest:

• We love doing weddings, it is one of the joys of our lives.

• Our decorations will transform any room into something beautiful and unique.

• We want our clients to be in AWE when they see our work.